Your generous contribution will be used to transform veterans’ lives by making it possible for more veterans and their rescued service dogs to live long, healthy lives together.

Your gift helps to provide hope and healing to the most vulnerable of those who help protect us in our time of need. With rates of PTSD as high as 20% in returning vets, we are in the midst of a major health disaster with veterans in our country—and help is needed at every level. While it is vitally important for national organizations to help, broad efforts have not been sufficient to meet the scale of the problem. That is why local and regional communities as well as generous individuals are beginning to step up.

For those suffering from PTSD, time is not on their side. Please understand that this is truly a life and death situation for our vets and that programs like War Dogs are proving that by combining the ideas, talent and dedication of people like Elana Morgan and Bruce Harris with the generosity of people like you, lives can be saved. And the quality of those lives saved can be dramatically—wonderfully—improved.

Your donation in any amount will fund counseling for a returning combat veteran and training for a neglected or abused shelter dog as they bond through their journey to mutual healing.

Tribute Gifts

A tribute gift to War Dogs Making It Home is a unique way to recognize someone dear to you, celebrate a special occasion or memorialize the passing of an individual who has affected your life.

When you make a gift to the Tribute Program, the family or individual whom you are honoring can be notified of your thoughtfulness with a personalized acknowledgment, if requested. In return, you can be assured your gift is supporting the excellent programs and services offered by War Dogs Making It Home.

To make a tribute gift, Contact Us with the tribute details after you’ve made your donation on our secure checkout page.


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