This not-for-profit is a critical program for returning vets with PTSD/TBI that involves pairing them with rescued dogs who are trained along with the vets as service dogs for them. The dogs, vets, Elana, Bruce, Dana, and Joe together create a support community that benefits all involved.

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War Dogs helps veterans better manage the invisible and lifelong challenges of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and brain injury (PTSD/TBI) by pairing them with dogs they help rescue and train to be their service dogs. The vets are saving the dogs lives. The dogs are saving theirs, creating a better life for both.

Elana MorganWar Dogs is taking a cutting edge approach to helping veterans. Under the direction of Elana Morgan it pairs dogs rescued from shelters with veterans in an intense training process that has proven to be highly effective while also saving time and money.

Simply put, this program is dramatically changing the lives of veterans who might otherwise still be waiting for an already trained dog to become available. And it does so while providing an extra therapeutic dimension whose benefits are only beginning to be understood. This involves the sense of responsibility and commitment that the veterans feel for their dogs—who they know were facing euthanasia before being selected for the program.

For those suffering from PTSD, time is not on their side. Please understand that this is truly a life and death situation for our vets and that programs like War Dogs are proving that by combining the ideas, talent and dedication of people like Bruce Harris, Dana Dikaitis, Elana Morgan and Joe Kidd with the generosity of donors like you, lives can be saved. And the quality of those lives saved can be dramatically-wonderfully-improved.


  • “She is my “Battle Buddy” … Unlike any other… We call them “Rescue Dogs,”… But I have to ask,… Who is really “RESCUING” who? We now do everything by eye contact, and hand gesture commands. Chloe has brought back some of the life, feeling, and hope that I left behind in the war.”

    Dan Sauer , Former Marine Sergeant
  • “I can shop during the daylight hours. I don’t take medication for anxiety.”

    Returning Combat Veteran, Marines
  • “When I awake from night terrors, (my dog) is always there to comfort me, and lower my panic. She brings smiles to others faces when we pass in public”

    Returning Veteran Suffering From PTSD, Marines
  • “(I have) Reduced narcotic drug use to manage pain. Interact with my kids and others more. Took my kids to six flags (something I’ve avoided for 3 years)”

    Returning Veteran, Marines